Wordstock Festival

Division D proudly presents: The first ever Wordstock Festival with workshops and humorous speeches!

The Wordstock Festival is sold out!

Please do not come, if you haven’t booked a ticket. Due to fire regulations and room capacities we simply cannot accommodate additional participants.

Join us in a Fun Fall Event in Division D with inspiring workshops and humorous speeches in English and German!
We have lots of goodies in store for you, like sessions on the topics of leadership, membership and mental flexibility, but also on humour, improvisation, sketchnoting and more.
Listen to a humorous keynote by our special guest from Prague – numerous times district finalist Vera Orac!
As a particular highlight we will hear humorous speeches in English and German. I am looking forward to be splitting my sides with laughter.
Of course, there will also be ample opportunity to catch up with your fellow Toastmasters, have cake, get inspired and exchange ideas.

Take care,

Alexandra, Division D Director 2019/2020

P.S. Non-Toastmasters pay 25 Euros.

Wordstock Leaders

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Vera Orac


Humour is serious work


Why you should coach the ones you lead


Building Your Thinking Power – Mental Flexibility


Dein Thema – dein Leben


Sketchnoting – faszinierend einfach




Effektive Mitgliedergewinnung


Transform your stage presence with NLP


Wordstock Organisers

How to get there?


Karl-Grillenberger-Str. 3a
90402 Nürnberg

Underground: Weißer Turm U1

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