Division I becomes Division…

Since Sunday 1st July it is official. Our Division I is now Division D. The handover meeting of “old” to new officers took place in Munich when new Division Director Brigitte Herder took over from Stefan Gruss. She set out productively and planned the whole year ahead. We are looking forward to several compelling events over the year.

It’s “goodbye” to the Stefan’s Ivengers and “hello” to the Dauntless dare-devils of Division D. Check out the new team at the end of our main page.

Here is a small slideshow of our very productive meeting.

  • Coffee and welcome
    Coffee and welcome
  • Michael is Area Director of the Year
    Michael is Area Director of the Year
  • Goodbye of the Ivengers
    Goodbye of the Ivengers
  • Ivengers - the DVD
    Ivengers - the DVD
  • Planning the year ahead
    Planning the year ahead