Division D – Handover to incoming Team


The existing Division D team has handed over the tasks to the new Division D team.
We had a very valuable exchange of experiences and were open about our successes, challenges and what we had learned.

Some of them were able to review the past year. They also said that they would like to take on the task again.

The “new” directors were able to prepare well for their new role and benefit from the know-how of their predecessors,

So the new Toastmaster year can start well on 1.7.2019.

Good luck!

Alexandra Manger Division D Director

Mikaela Gallon, Area Director D1

Stephanie Hobert, Area Direcotr D2

Livia Balacescu, Area Director D3

Gabriela Pohlenz Garza, Area Director D4

Michael Bischoff, Area Director D5

Steve Miller, Area Director D6.